custom mosaics & stained glass



I am as equally passionate for the clean curved stylings of Hello Kitty as I am for the swirling starry notes of Van Gogh.  In Arizona, I am moved by the fullness and emptiness of the desert landscape, the expanse of sky and horizon broken by mountains.  My vision often shifts from the delicate, feminine light that is the pinkness of sunrise, to the dark dramatic statements that are the depths of night.  But in everything I make there is a twinkling, a star or a wink, that says I am Chi.  I carry that twinkle with me, over five continents, meeting and remembering so many strangers, and it is my vision, my gift, to see the world through my rose colored glass.


Seeing how happy a completed piece makes people, and knowing that it's part of their home, office, or garden makes me fulfilled.  Each place I visit and person I meet becomes a part of me, and all of my art has a part of them too.  I am open to your vision and will not be shy about sharing mine.  Nothing is too silly, serious, simple, or complicated.  No piece is too big or too small to speak what needs to be said.  I am fearless in my commitment to art that brings happiness.


I am grateful for all of the family, clients, and communities that make my life as Glass Chi possible.  I am lucky to have a home studio in Phoenix that allows me to meet with friends and clients to design and plan new ideas.  The local community of artists has been indispensable to my growth.  When I am not working in the studio, traveling to shows, or spending quality time with my husband and our three dogs, I most enjoy volunteering with organizations that give children the opportunity to find themselves in art, the way I have been so fortunate to find myself. 

My name is Chibuzor, which means “my guiding spirit goes before me.”  As an artist, I am “Glass Chi,” because my spirit expresses itself in the paradoxical strength and fragility of glass.  My spirit moves in the contradiction of glass broken into many pieces that become whole again in art.  Glass is my living and breathing muse that speaks through my mosaics to say – though I may be broken into many fragments, here I am together, greater than the sum of my parts.  Glass is my relationship with light – clear, translucent, opaque, or mirrored – tiny slivers or full sheets of many colored hues that become my vision.  Through glass I see and am seen.

"For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known."


My "artistic process" probably makes compulsively organized, and very structured people (like my husband) break out in hives.  Sometimes I sketch, then I pattern, then I construct.  Other times I just start breaking things and let the glass speak to me.  I may change things at the last minute, or perfectly execute my original vision, just as often.  There is a serenity in the apparent chaos of the creative process that gives me tranquility and peace when, at the end, everything falls into place and each tiny piece is glued or soldered in precisely the position it needs to be.