Mosaic Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s best class of them all? This one!  Learn to cut and prepare mirrored glass in any shape or size.  Students will design their own unique mirror and mosaic the border with glass, tiles, or other components.  Add a little sophistication with a bevel set mirror, some artistic flair with shattered mirror pieces, or stick with a simple pattern.  Create a wow piece to spruce up a room or gift it for a housewarming or other celebration.


Mosaic Picture Frame Project

For our functional art fanatics!  Use your creativity to design and create a mosaic picture frame.  Give your favorite photo a personal touch with your handmade mosaic frame.  Students will learn how to prepare their base, cut and nip glass, adhesives, and more!  Have fun making this great keepsake or gift.



 Mosaic Mamas, Community & Art in One

Mothers need play dates too!  This unique class offers an opportunity to create unique pieces of art while getting to know other moms.  We will focus on creating keepsake mosaics like picture frames, boxes, mobiles, or puzzles that you can enjoy for years to come.  Learn patterning, color selection, adhesives, grouting and more! Projects will be determined the first day of class.  Great for mothers, grandmothers, or other caretakers who want to get together and make something.  Share your mosaic techniques, your parenting stories, your creativity, and your laughter in this community-building group. 


2017 Class Offerings

Workshops, Presentations, Private Events by request

My Favorite Things, Found Object Mosaics

Can’t find your other earring? Do you like to collect rocks? Use any and all household items, keepsakes, broken art, or toys to create a beautiful found object mosaic.  Create a patchwork of your favorite things as a found object collage. Using various adhesives and techniques, we will attach our items to a base, finding the best way to unify them.  This mosaic can be 3 dimensional or lay flat, you decide!  Patterns and ideas will be available the first day of class. Students are encouraged to bring their own found objects to make their project unique and personal.  When collecting your objects, try to keep the size of each piece no bigger than a thimble.  Metal, plastic, wood, stone, and other durable materials are best.



Mosaic Dream Catchers

The beautiful mountains, the quirky cacti, the breathtaking sunsets all make the southwest an inspiring place to live.  Celebrate the southwest with a Native American themed glass dream catcher.  We will create a glass hoop, weave together thin pieces of glass and decorate our dream catcher with glass feathers and beads. Ojibwe storytellers speak of the Spider Woman who wove webs of protection, filtered out bad dreams, and only allowed in good thoughts.  A wonderful gift for a loved one you wish to protect or yourself!


Mosaic Ornaments

It’s not too early to start Christmas Shopping! Why not make your own unique Christmas or Hannukah gift for a friend, loved one, or even yourself?  Students will make up to three ornaments ready to hang.  Patterning, glass and tile nipping, as well as adhesives will be covered.  Try something new and surprise yourself with your artistic abilities!




Pop Art Mosaics

Do you have a pop icon obsession?  In this class, you will turn your favorite icon or symbol a mosaic.  Chose Hello Kitty for instance; her rounded face and delicate bow make a very powerful, but simple graphic image.  Try superman, Coca-Cola, your favorite artist etc. We will learn how to simplify images for mosaic and to “style” them in several different ways.  Remember Any Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Art? We will recreate our graphic image four times using different colors and techniques to make our own unique pop art.  Students will learn patterning, color selection, adhesives, and grouting.  The finished project will be an 8”x10” mosaic ready to hang!  Make an amazing gift or tribute to your favorite icon!


custom mosaics & stained glass

Story-telling & Open Studio Mosaics

This studio class is perfect for taking a compelling photograph, song, poem, or memory and turning it into a meaningful mosaic.  Each class begins with 90 minutes of instruction followed by  90 minutes of open studio. The art of story telling with mosaics is extremely expressive with unlimited combinations of colors or techniques that perfectly capture the sentiment of your story.  For instance, students may bring a photo or other cherished memory to drawn inspiration.  The process of pattern making (for beginners too!), selecting colors, piecing together glass or other found items, then grouting will be covered.  This would be a great class to memorialized a loved one, mosaic a pet portrait, or tell your own unique story