custom mosaics & stained glass


Like what you see? Request a custom quote, then let my glass tell your story.

Unique, hand cut glass art for your your home or office.

What is stained glass?
The "stain" color comes from various mineral salts being introduced into the molten glass. Most glass is purchased from manufacturers, although a significant amount of the glass I use is handmade or vintage, and a smaller portion is handmade by myself using a kiln and special fusible glass types.  Painting or etching on a completed piece can make stunning embellishments.  All glass is hand cut by myself, all patterns are original artwork and cannot be reproduced without my written approval.  Stained glass, the commodity, can be used in a number of artistic applications for your home, business, place of worship, or community space.

What is a mosaic?
Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, tile, stone, or other materials. It is a technique of decorative art, or interior decoration. Traditionally, mosaics are made of small, flat, roughly square pieces of stone or glass of different colors, known as tesserae.  More broadly, a mosaic is an arrangement of small components that make up a larger design.  In addition to glass, tile, and other common mosaic materials, I pride myself on the use of recycled or “found objects” materials.  For me, the most captivating aspect of a mosaic is the ever-evolving design aspect.  Unlike stained glass where each piece must fit perfectly into the next, a mosaic is a more fluid art form.  Sometimes I will fully execute a mosaic from its pattern, but more often than not I listen to the glass and adjust throughout the process.  For many mosaic home applications, grout is used to fill the space between the glass or other material.  A mosaic can be created on virtually any substrate/surface with the right kind of adhesive and finishing. Mosaics that will be submerged in water (shower, pools) will naturally require different techniques than indoor pieces.  Large mosaics for your home or garden can drastically enliven any space.

Where would I put it?
Popular applications for stained glass are entryways, doors, cabinets, interior walls, room dividers, counters, garden, windows, sky lights, garden sculptures, office, murals, churches, public spaces, kitchen back splash, shower, pool, mirrors, 3D figures and sculptures.  A mosaic can be created directly onto a wall or space or onto a freestanding surface. 

How much does it cost?
Don’t be intimated by the mystery of stained glass! I endeavor to create unique commissioned glass art affordable to anyone who wants it. Let's design something together that will fit your budget and look great in your space!  Pricing ranges based on size, level of detail, and specialty glass prices.  For leaded stained glass or mosaics, the average cost per square foot is approximately $130, however, a more accurate range is anywhere from $80 - $250/sq ft. It is very difficult to give a quote until the design and glass are chosen.  Arrangements for more manageable installment payments can be happily accommodated.  Tell me your idea and your budget and we'll make it work!

How long does it take?
Creating unique stained glass is a labor of love and can be very time consuming.  While there is no standard turn around time, I estimate that an average piece will take approximately 3 months to complete.  The time of year and number of outstanding orders also factor into the timing.  For some designs, the production can be rushed at an addition fee.

I've always wanted a stained glass piece, but I don’t have any design ideas.

No problem!  The creative process is the most exciting part for me.  I spend a great deal of time speaking with clients to understand what will “wow” them.  A vague idea, a photo, a color scheme, a song, or theme will stir my creativity into a design that is perfect for you.  I invite you to participate in my process by brainstorming, reviewing sketches, color choices, and production updates.  Or if you’d rather, leave the details to me. A custom commission quote request is very the best place to start.